Ready for early launch of Law Talk Colorado podcasts

We’ve spent the past 16 months quietly and diligently preparing for an early summer 2020 launch of Law Talk Colorado, a nonprofit media network of podcasts purposed with engaging public awareness of our Colorado laws — bringing together journalism and local legal experts (attorneys, law enforcement, judges, legislators, policy makers, et al) to cut through the noise and get to the laws that matter in our lives here in Colorado. So much for neat and tidy plans, right?

Like most people, we did not see the pandemic intersecting our plans, the lives of everyone around us, touching us all in some form or another. But here we are.

Colorado National Monument, Mesa County Colorado

Having learned — the hard way — the pitfalls of launching a new venture at the onset of a national crisis in decades past, one would think as volunteer executive director I would not only stop, but run away from launching a new media program as COVID19 takes over our nation. 

But, no! Quite the opposite!

  • Remote interviews are already part of our normal operations.
  • We have a committed team of news professionals with interview questions ready.
  • We’re nonprofit and free to the public.
  • Those who find the shows valuable are invited to donate as little or as much as they want.
  • As a new media network, we have no print costs and no storage requirements of hard goods.
  • Volunteers can research from home.
  • Sponsors connect with listeners.
  • Podcasting is the fastest growing media and climbing with 49% of podcast listening done at home.

We’re going to soft launch earlier than planned as there are a lot of legal issues being impacted and trending during this time of COVID19 that Colorado legal experts want us all to know; that we need to know. And Law Talk Colorado is an ideal venue for aggregating and vetting that information. The new media network. (Law Talk Colorado is a Law Talk Global Network brand; yes, once modeled in Colorado, it is expandable to 46 other states and Puerto Rico.)

Not only aren’t we running away; but we’re jumping in and launching two months ahead of schedule early April. And we’re ready.

We’ve had so much amazing help this past 16 months: from the Business Incubator to the Colorado Women’s Bar Association to some pretty awesome real estate people here in Western Colorado and more. After launch, there are a whole bunch of people to thank on our programs. 

Here we go!

Post written by Krystyn Hartman, Executive Director, Law Talk Colorado, a Law Talk Global Network brand.